Shine through your menstrual cycle

Science-backed food supplement to tackle bloatedness, skin and hair issues to be confident all month long.

★★★★☆ 85% satisfaction after 90 days

Proven solution to ease menstrual pain

Over 2000 women from 2021 to 2023

of women became symptom-free in 3 months
of women quit taking monthly painkillers
of women felt improvements in just one month

A superpowder for a debloated cycle

We’re on a mission to fix the hormonal imbalances of your cycle that cause bloatedness, skin and weight changes, and hair loss that keep you from shining.

Physical wellness

A food supplement designed to keep your body in shape from the inside out

Boosts energy

Vital nutrients and adaptogens to combat fatigue and enhance your vitality at every phase of your cycle.

Easy to use

Mix one scoop with water every day to thrive every stage of your menstrual cycle.

Lasting results

Feel results after one month of consistent use, best results start from a 3-month regimen.

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One convenient daily scoop, 30+ ingredients, mix with 150ml of water

Our dietary supplement contains a synergistic blend of vitamins, herbs, and nutrients that support healthy estrogen metabolism, promoting hormone balance.

  • Vitamins

    Vitamin E

    • Vitamin E helps to retain moisture in the skin, promoting hydration and preventing dryness
    • Assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines
    • Helps to protect the skin from UV damage

    Vitamin A

    • Promotes the production of new skin cells and supports the shedding of old skin cells
    • Helps regulate sebum production
    • Helps soothe irritated skin and reduce redness
    • Supports the development of healthy hair follicles

    And many more

  • Minerals


    • Boost physical performance
    • Regulate mood
    • Relaxes muscles easing period discomfort


    • Supports healthy mood disturbances, nerves and muscles.
    • Enriched with Vitamin D3 regulates low mood

    And many more

  • Amino Acids


    • Supports liver detoxification

    And many more

  • Plant Extracts

    Linseed Extract

    • Rich in omega 3 fatty acids
    • Supports mood regulation
    • Helps reduce inflammation

    Broccoli Extract

    • Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
    • Supports hormone metabolism
    • Supports skin health due to its nutrient content

    Turmeric Extract

    • Helps reduce inflammation

    And many more

  • Other ingredients to support hormonal balance

    • Choline
    • Vitamin A, D, K, C, E
    • Kodzu extract
    • Folate

    And many more

Don’t take our word for it, take hers!


"After three months of Monthlies powder I feel energized, less debloated and ready to keep going"

Alexandra, 37

"Monthlies has truly been a game changer. It’s been 1 month and I feel that my energy levels have gone really up"

Mel, 29

"1 month trying Monthlies and I still have some minor symptoms, but the energy boost was mind blowing"

Jessica, 36

"I've been taking the powder for 2 weeks now, I feel energised and my cramps are still there but so much less painful."

Johanna, 43

"I cannot express how IMPRESSED I am about my period pain reduction. "

Maria, 29

"Thoroughly impressed! From the moment I received the package, I knew I was in for a treat."

Mia, 42

"I took Monthlies for one month and my physical symptoms were significantly reduced."

Morganne, 46

"At first I was sceptical, but after just two months, my period has been more manageable"

Naira, 32

"Just 1 day of period pain instead of 4 and way less disturbing during the day! Incredibly happy :)"

Robin, 22

"Thanks to Monthlies, I no longer feel held back. I’ve never felt better."

Stefanie, 44

Buy Monthlies today, join the cycle care revolution

Your daily dose combines 30+ key ingredients to boost hormonal balance and improve menstrual wellness.

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Best for kickstarting your new hormonal balance habit

Monthly subscription
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  • 30 servings of Monthlies
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  • Cycle guide
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90-day money back guarantee.
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Best for sustaining your hormonal balance habit

One-time purchase
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  • 1:1 Expert health consultation
  • Cycle guide
  • Exercise & Nutrition Recommendations

Half of your life is spent in a menstrual cycle that you don’t fully understand

Our cycle affects us daily, beyond menstruation. Understanding its phases and hormonal fluctuations will help unlock the cycle wellbeing you’re looking for.

Free cycle guide

Discover the powerful impact of daily choices on your hormones along with practical tips to navigate towards cycle wellbeing.

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Painkillers aren’t your only option. Try natural solutions


Instant & long-term relief


Backed by research


By women, for women

Our experts

With years of experience helping women overcome menstrual pain and discomfort, our mission is to provide you with the tailored solutions you need to thrive at every stage of your cycle.

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Dr. Ashley Florestal

Licensed Naturopath

Ashley focusses on women's health, hormones and fertility. She helps patients achieve hormonal balance, prepare for pregnancy, and optimize their health through her clinical practice and ongoing education.

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Dr. Cassandra Paiano

Licensed Naturopath

Cassandra uses an evidence-based approach to diagnose and treat disease. She holds a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from CCNM, Toronto, and has an undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences from Ryerson University.


Melissa Mastroberardino

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

Melissa specialises in hormonal and digestive health. She studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and helps women uncover imbalances and deficiencies to improve their overall well-being through customised protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monthlies?

We're a group of women dedicated to the idea that you deserve more than just painkillers to relieve menstrual discomfort.

Drawing from extensive research and expertise, we've developed Monthlies – a carefully formulated blend of minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, and more, providing an all-in-one solution for menstrual discomfort, and overall health.

Our powder provides genuine relief, empowering you to thrive at every stage of your cycle.

As an all-female team of naturopathic doctors, we are passionate about empowering women to take control of their menstrual health.

We have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of natural remedies on our patients' lives.

Is Monthlies right for me?

  • You're tired of suffering from skin problems and other organism effects due to hormonal imbalances
  • You want to keep shining, no matter what moment of your cycle you are
  • You want to improve your overall health
  • You're ready to take control of your cycle wellbeing
  • You believe in the power of natural remedies and want to explore research-backed alternatives

    Join us on this transformative journey towards a pain-free and empowered menstrual experience.

How do I use the powder?

Using the powder is easy!

Simply mix 1 scoop of powder with water, juice, or your preferred beverage.

Consume it daily as directed for optimal results. It’s recommended to take it with food during the morning.

It's convenient and hassle-free, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine.

When can I expect to see results?

While individual results may vary, 70% of our clients report noticeable improvements in their menstrual symptoms from the third month of taking the powder regularly.

Consistency is key, so it's important to continue using the product as instructed.

Are there any side effects?

Our powder is made with carefully selected natural ingredients, minimizing the risk of adverse side effects.

However, it's always recommended to review the ingredient list and consult with your healthcare provider if you have specific concerns or pre-existing medical conditions.

It's advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before combining our powder with other supplements or medications.

They can provide personalized guidance based on your individual health needs and ensure compatibility.

Is Monthlies a subscription?

Yes, Monthlies offers both subscription and one-time purchase options.

By subscribing, you can enjoy a price reduction and take advantage of many membership services, such an expert consultation.

While the one-time purchase allows you to buy without committing to a recurring subscription.

Do you offer guarantees or refunds?

We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our products.

That's why we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply reach out to our customer support team within 90 days, and we'll assist you with a refund.

How much does Monthlies cost?

We offer different options:

  • Single Pack: €59.90 for one powder pot.
  • Subscription: €49.90 delivered monthly to your doorstep, + exclusive perks.

    Invest in your menstrual health and experience the transformative benefits of our powder.

    Choose the option that fits your needs and embrace a pain-free cycle.

How long does it take to receive my Monthlies package?

Shipping can take up to 10 days.If you have any questions, please let us know at info@withmonthlies.com.


Say goodbye to period pain today

90-day money back guarantee

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